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We fabricate and distribute Gator Self Closing Swing Gates, Gator Clamp On Cages and Gator Portable Fresh Air Carts to industrial facilities worldwide

Commitment To Quality And Safety To The Industrial Community

Safety Tech LLC engineers and fabricates safety devices for industry.

We are committed to the quality of our products and the safety of our clients.

Safety Tech LLC
Safety Tech LLC

Our Story

To give you a little background, here is the reason why we have developed a swing gate. As we were performing safety surveys and installing Gorilla Guard Ladder Cage Enclosures ( in various industrial facilities throughout the USA and Canada, we noticed that 90% of the gates were failing.

We found the reason for this was that the gate companies are using a steel rod and steel pipe as their hinge, and after a few years in the elements, these would rust and freeze up leaving the swing gate in the open position, creating a safety hazard.