Plant Survey Services

Survey Services to Perform Safety Inspections On Elevated Platforms

We offer our services to your facility to inspect your facility for any out of compliance swing gates, Ladder and cages.

In an effort to assist you with the implementation of elevated platform retrofit of swing gates or ladders with missing cages, we offer our survey services to perform inspections to help identify the locations that need retrofit.


Our survey consists of the following:

  • Identify swing gates that are inoperable.
  • Identify gates that are out of compliance (single bar, drop bar and chains).
  • Identify locations where gates are non-existent.
  • Identify quantities required, part numbers, (angle handrail or pipe handrail).
  • During our inspection on vessel columns towers and ladder ways we also note other safety issues including missing handrails broken safety devices missing cages and out of compliance cages and ladders.

This is a partial list of the surveys that
we have performed at refinery and chemical plants.

  • P66 Borger
  • LCR (Houston Refinery)
  • P66 Trainer Refinery
  • P66 Sweeney Refinery
  • BP Texas City
  • Flint Hills Corpus Christi
  • Tesoro Anacortes
  • Tesoro Golden Eagle
  • P66 Ferndale Refinery
  • BP Ferndale
  • P66 Wood River Refinery
  • P66 Rodeo
  • P66 Carson/Wilmington Refinery
  • Shell Geismar Chemicals
  • Lyondell Basell Laporte
  • Solvay Polymers Georgia
  • P66 Santa Maria Refinery
  • Shell Anacortes
  • Ineos Chemicals Texas
  • BP Carson